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cygnus therapy

How Hypnotherapy Can Help



NICE guidelines now recommend hypnotherapy should be considered for patient with chronic IBS.  It is well established that hynotherapy reduces stress,  which is thought to be the major causal factor, and also helps with pain management, decreasing the sensitivity of the gut.

Weight Management


Have you tried lost of diets without success?

Are you worried about how your weight is affecting your health?

Do you want to be healthier and feel happier with your bodiy?

Are you locked into the binge/starve cycle?

Do you have an eating disorder?


Hypnotherapy can help you change your eating habits by retraining your unconscious mind to listens to the naltural wisdom of the body, creating a sustainable lifestyle change. It has a proven track record in helping people shed excess weight.  Regardless of how many times you have tried to do something about your eating habits in the past, if you are committed to making that positive change then hypnotherapy can help.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy brings out the best in you, helping you make positive changes that you want to make within a relatively short time-frame so that you can move forward with confidence.

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