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cygnus therapy

How Hypnotherapy Can Help



Discover how personal success is achievable.  You can be incredibly self-confident, able to make the right choices in your life by understanding exactly what it is you want.

Improve your performance in any field. Remove fears, phobias and metnal blocks. Develop your skills.

Convert opportuities into personal gain and reach your highest potential.  Learn how to be relaxed, calm, confident, positive, and in control to create your future success.



Fear of Flying?
Fear of Public Speaking? 
Fear of ..... ?

Many people seek hypnotherapy to help them with irrational fears and phobias which can be severely debilitating.
Hypnotherapy has an excellent and proven record at successfully treating phobias.






Panic attacks can be very frightening but are surprisingly common. They can exist as a set of symptoms on their own or they can present as part of another condition. Sometimes Panic attacks just develop suddenly, or they panic attacks can evolve as a learned behaviour from family, in times of severe stress at work, or specific seeding events.


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