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cygnus therapy

House and Land Blessing - Calming the Unquiet Hearth

Seeking to restore harmony, trust and connection with the land; working towards balance and communication within an atmosphere or respect.

Human Symptoms of Geopathic Stress (an esoteric science) may be:


Exacerbation of existing emotional/physical conditions

Disruption to digestion

Unquiet mind

Low grade depression

Muscular pain

Disturbed sleep

Headaches, fuzzy head


Imbalances may be caused by:


Battles and blood spilt, whether from an individual or a  group,  can create trauma to the land

Streams – underground streams, pools and ley lines all have a natural flow but imbalance may occur in our relationship to them

Vortexes – may form over stagnant underground pools or where lines and steams cross 

The people who live in the building even if built in the ‘right’ place  - what we might describe as an atmosphere.

The sidhe (faery), ancestral & other spirits, entities, soul  parts

Pylons, phone masts (electro magnetic radiation)

Toxins,and pollutants


We are all in relationship with life.  We, and everything around us is made of the same material - all is a reflection of self. We are source made manifest. There is no separation from the land or each other, therefore we can evoke change.


On Machrie Moor-Jacqui Woodward-Smith

'On Machrie Moor' by Jacui Woodward-Smith






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