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cygnus therapy


Art work on the Shamanic pages from 'The Northern Sisterhood of Drums' by Carolyn Hillyer

National Council for Hypnotherapy

National Council of Psychotherapists

National Hypnotherapy Society

Healthy Pages - complementary health and holistic resources  - click the image above on the right.

Image of the goddess Sulis on the Hypnotherapy page is by Hrana Janto and appears in 'The Goddess Oracle' by Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Certified Hypnotensive Practitioner


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For information and support on all things shamanic click the image right to visit the UK based Indie Shaman .

To visit the Star Essence website click thebutton below:

To contact 'Love is in the Earth' author, practitioner and teacher Melody, search Melody crystal healing UK

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Below is a link to the US based Shamanic Society

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