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cygnus therapy


"I came to Cygnus Hypnotherapy for help after I had been struggling with some relationship, confidence and weight issues. From just the first consultation session I felt a lot more positive about my prospects and how I could proceed forward and overcome my circumstances. The relaxation CD really helped to get me to sleep without tossing and turning for hours thinking, I suffered greatly from lack of sleep and it was draining- this in itself was a great thing. Within the hypnotherapy sessions we'd talk a little and then the hypnotherapy would start. I found this a nice touch and helped really well as each session was relatable to that week's events. Hypnotherapy helped with my perspective on life and the day’s events. This, much like a chain reaction, helped me to think differently and allowed me to be much more positive. So consequently, I didn’t want to stay in bed all day, and I didn’t want to eat myself out of house and home. My life is looking up now. I have a much better grasp on reality, I'm not saying each day is like walking on air, much the contrary, yet I know that its all in my hands and I can conquer it ... and I WILL.

Thank you Raven.”



Personal Wellness Coach


"Thank you for the session on Friday - it was awesome!"



Gillian  - following a shamanic healing session.

"Thank you for the work we did together. I've really found myself once more since." - C.

"Thanks for helping me get to me! You've been fab!"

- Sadie

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