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Spiritual Emergency

People in the midst of intense spiritual experiences may be misdiagnosed as psychotic. While the concept of 'spiritual emergency' does not deny the seriousness of psychotic conditions in which the psyche fragments and when violent or self-destructive asspects are manifested, it encourages discernrment to determine whether there are clues to possible personal growth from the non-ordinary experience being witnessed.

'There exist spontaneous non-ordinary states of consciousness that would in the West be seen and treated as psychosis, and treated mostly by suppressive medication.  But if we use the observations from the study of non-ordinary states, and also from other spiritual traditions, they should really be treated as crises of transformation, or crises of spiritual opening.  Something that should really be supported rather than suppressed.  If properly understood and properly supported, they are actually conducive to healing and transformation.'


Stansilav Grof

A spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis  occurrs where a process of spiritual awakening or emergence becomes unmanageable for the individual. This process, if understood and appropriately supported, can be deeply transformative leading to a breakthrough rather than a breakdown.


Payment is negotiable for those in genuine spiritual crisis.

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