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Shamanic Healing

  • are you unable to recover from losses or relationships?

  • is there a persistent feeling that somethihg is missing or lost?

  • do you find it difficult to to let go of things or people and maintain boundaries?

  • do you constantly feel disconnected, joyless or drained?

  • are you living continually in the past?

  • are there recurrent patterns and problems in your life that have proved unresponsive to conventional help?

  • do you constantly feel under great strain, burdened or invaded ? 


Methods of shamanic healing include the shamanic journey and soul-singing but each sessison is different depending on the initial diagnosis. It can involve ancestral mediation, soul-leading of the deceased, ritual and ceremony but is both practical and sensitive to spiritual needs.


Shamanism may have its origins in ancient history but it is also a contemporary skill. Shamanic healing seeks to address the spiritual cause underlying disease or problems, particularly those that have proven unresponsive to therapy or cannot be dealt with by conventional means.


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