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cygnus therapy

Reiki & Crystal Healing


Completely non invasive and natural, reiki and crystal healing fully compliment any other treatments  you may be receiving.

Gently re-energising and relaxing on a very profound level, these treatments allow your own internal recourses to deal with illness or injury in the way that is best for you, helping the body to adjust and heal at its own pace and in its own way.

Beneficial in a wide range of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions, reiki and crystal healing can relieve pain, restore function and initiate improvement in attitudes, clarity of thought and quality of life.

Helpful in crisis situations and in coping with terminal illness.

Restoring Balance

Quartz 2

Using Crystal Nets devised by Simon and Sue Lilly we can attune, balance, activate, energise, release, calrify,  protect, explore and heal the past and present.

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